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What is the US Marine Corps Reserve Center?

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The US Marine Corps contributes significantly to the USA in many ways regarding security. Aside from knowing the impact of this formidable military group, it’s important to know what happens when these individuals are not on active duty. The US Marine Corps Reserve Center is the outlet for Marines to pursue civilian careers. Others also come to the reserve to train or further their education outside active duty. Learn more about the US Marine Corps Reserve Center and its functions.

What is the US Marine Corps Reserve Center?

As a facility critical to the country’s defense, the US Marine Corps Reserve Center was established in 1916 to provide continued support for various units. Signed by President Woodrow Wilson under the Naval Appropriations Act, it is a crucial part of the United States Marine Corps. The Center is equipped with the latest and futuristic facilities for honing diverse skills in combat and intelligence. All this training is purposely designed to be used if ever marine reserves are deployed in times of emergency.

Speaking of marine reserves, the Center is also a home base and support facility for this military group that trains on weekends. These facilities are equipped with the following:

  • a drill hall
  • fitness Center
  • firearms training simulator

You will also find an arms vault, a medical suite, and classrooms. The US Marine Corps Reserve Center also has secure offices and non-secure telecommunication installations. These are all meant to streamline deployment preparedness.


The primary function of the US Marine Corps Reserve Center is to act as a training and operational hub for reserve Marines. Due to the intensive activities of the Marine Corps, the reserve facility is inclined to align all its programs and training toward the imminent or future preparedness of the Marines. As global security changes, the US Marine Corps must continually finetune its combat tactics to stay ahead.

Combat tactics are intertwined with intelligence, another area the US Marine Corps Reserve Center focuses intensely on. That notwithstanding, the Center also offers administrative services to ensure the welfare of reserve marines who use the place as a home base. These services include:

  • legal
  • finance
  • healthcare assistance


US Marine Corps Reserve Centers are located throughout the United States. There are 184 Reserve Training Centers nationwide, and their functions remain the same, as explained above. These Centers are strategically positioned per US military standards. Moreover, another reason for their strategic placements is to provide easy access to training and support services to the marines in the regions.

For example, the US Marine Corps Center, located in San Diego, California, is easily accessible to the following reserve units: 

  • the 4th Law Enforcement Battalion
  • the 4th Tank Battalion
  • the 6th Communication Battalion

Moreover, the facility’s proximity to the Marine Corps Air Station allows reserve marines to access the San Diego Center for training and support services. You will also find the US Marine Corps Reserve Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Kansas City, Missouri. It is worth noting that these reserve Centers are located close to airports to ensure ease of access, transportation convenience, and other strategic security purposes.


The US Marine Corps Reserve Center is resourceful in preparing marines for deployment and equipping them with the necessary skills. Knowing more about the Reserve Center can help you make an informed decision about serving your country and building a rewarding career.